Agribusiness Service Provider (ASP) Application

Bonus offerings available in 2020! Focus on Energy is rewarding Trade Allies serving the agribusiness industry with financial incentives to build their business. 
Please complete this form to become a registered ASP and be eligible to receive bonuses in 2020.


Agribusiness Trade Ally Bonus:

  • $25 bonus on customer incentive applications totaling $100 or less 
  • 25% bonus on total customer incentive for applications over $100 
  • Maximum bonus payment per year:
    • $250 per customer
    • $7,500 per Trade Ally
  • TA Bonus only available on measures implemented by the requesting company
  • No TA Bonus on top of customer bonuses

TA Bonus Payment Requests must be submitted via paper form, PDF, or online submittal within 60 days of installing equipment (Bonus Payment Request forms will be available after you submit this application). TA Bonus Payment Requests can be submitted with the Customer Incentive Application or separately. Trade Allies will be paid once a month for bonus payment requests received that month. Trade Ally Bonus payments do NOT need to be passed on to customers or reflected on invoices.


Dairy Refrigeration Tune-up:

  • $40/compressor tuned up 
  • $100 bonus for every ten compressors tuned-up, up to $500 per Trade Ally

Must be an enrolled ASP to complete the Dairy Refrigeration Tune-up offering. Tune-ups are not eligible for other bonus offerings, including the Agribusiness Trade Ally bonus. Customers are limited to one tune-up incentive per site per calendar year. A checklist and copy of your customer’s invoice must be submitted to within 60 days of the service date. Incentives must be passed on to the customer as a credit on the invoice. No additional paperwork or submittal documents are required to receive the bonus.