Energy benchmarking is the process of measuring a building’s energy use over time and using this information to determine how a building’s energy performance compares to buildings of similar occupancy and size.  This information helps building owners and occupants understand their energy usage and identify opportunities to reduce their consumption.


Energy consumption from businesses accounts for almost 45% of Wisconsin’s annual energy use1.  A study done by the Institute of Market Transformation (IMT) found the poorest performing buildings use three to seven times the energy of the highest performing buildings for the exact same building use2.  Through benchmarking, building owners and occupants can better understand how their buildings use energy so they can make smarter and more cost-effective facility improvements.  
Here are just a few reasons building owners and operators should consider benchmarking their facility:

  • Benchmarking information can guide energy efficiency upgrade plans and justify energy efficiency improvements
  • Benchmarking establishes a starting point for energy savings goals to track against and gauge progress as projects are completed 
  • Benchmarking often uncovers equipment malfunctions or maintenance issues to give energy savings a jump start


One of the easiest ways to start on benchmarking a building is through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager®.  This online tool was created by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to track energy consumption and can be used for any type of building. It’s a free program utilized to benchmark nearly 25% of U.S. commercial building spaces. ENERGY STAR offers a wide variety of resources and trainings to help get started.  

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Get Rewarded for Benchmarking in your K-12 School or Local Government

See the benefits of benchmarking your facilities for years to come and get rewarded for committing to benchmarking for a year. Customers that engage in this offering will not only receive $1,000 at the end of the year for meeting the requirements detailed below, they will also receive a 25% incentive bonus on their first project after completion of the offering. Customers can participate in this offering once every five years and the offering is limited to 10 customers per year.

Requirement Deadline
Record historical monthly utility data in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager for a 24-month period (July 20-June 22) August 15, 2022
Record monthly utility data in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager (July 22 – June 23) July 31, 2023
Attend a Practical Energy Management training presented by Focus on Energy. June 1, 2023
Attend at least one training held by Focus on Energy. Eligible trainings found: June 1, 2023
Meet with Energy Advisor to evaluate benchmarking data and discuss site specific recommendations. June 1, 2023

Benchmarking enrollment is limited to 10 customers.

Enroll by May 31 by completing the online K-12 & Local Government Benchmarking Enrollment form.