What can a home energy assessment tell you? A lot!

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What can a home energy assessment tell you? A lot!

A home energy assessment is a great first step to improving the comfort, health and energy efficiency of your home. Want to know where your trouble spots are and what you can do to solve them? Your assessment is the perfect way to get answers. Here are just some of the top reasons every home can benefit from a home energy assessment.

Fix common problems

An energy assessment is especially helpful if you experience any of the following:

•    Drafty rooms
•    Fluctuating temperatures
•    Inefficient heating and cooling equipment
•    Moisture and mold issues
•    Ice dams
•    An aging home

Get expert advice and eliminate guesswork

Schedule with a FOCUS ON ENERGY® Trade Ally contractor—they are all Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified. These energy experts understand how every system within a home works together and what changes—big and small—can bring out the best in your home.

Thoroughly evaluate your home

A professional assessment provides a comprehensive look at your home’s energy use, complete with the following services:

•    Visual inspection of your living space, attic, basement or crawlspace
•    Blower door test to measure air tightness
•    Combustion safety and ventilation test
•    Infrared camera scan to identify air leaks and poor insulation

Receive a customized energy report

After the assessment, your Trade Ally contractor will provide you with an energy report you can use as a blueprint for your home improvement journey. It highlights which upgrades are the best value and investment for your home and what incentives are available to give you the best deal. Using this report, your contractor can help you prioritize efficiency upgrades before pricing out the work, presenting a contract and completing improvements.

Ready to schedule your assessment?

Find a Trade Ally contractor to assess your home or give us a call at 855.339.8866.


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Posted October 2019

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