Delivering Energy Efficiency Together

Reward schools for energy saving behaviors

A one year incentive initiative based on Delivering rewards for Energy Efficient behavior changes that reduce energy use in participating schools. It also provides an opportunity for faculty, staff, students and community members to all work Together toward the common goal of energy efficiency.

School districts served by utilities participating in Focus on Energy are eligible. Whole districts or individual buildings can participate. In order to identify which energy savings are resulting from your behavioral changes, eligible buildings must NOT have: completed major renovations or energy upgrades within the last year OR planned for major renovations or energy upgrades within the next three years.

How does DEET work?

Interested in participating?

  1.  Contact your local Energy Advisor for questions about DEET and how to get started!

  2. Fill out the application Delivering Energy Efficiency Together (DEET) Enrollment Application

    Enrollment Dates

    • January 15th
    • May 15th
    • September 15th

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