LED Lighting 

LED lighting is more efficient and generates less heat than traditional incandescent, fluorescent, and halogens, all while giving off the same amount of light. And longevity? ENERGY STAR® certified and Design Lights Consortium (DLC) qualified bulbs last at least 13 years. Just match them to the right fixture for maximum efficiency. What’s more, falling prices mean real savings for homeowners and businesses alike. There’s never been a better time to upgrade. 

Looking for a quick and cost-effective way to reduce your energy bill at home? Look no further. Focus on Energy can help you upgrade to high-efficiency, long-lasting LED bulbs. Purchase LED bulbs at our Online Marketplace.

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Upgrading to quality LED bulbs is the cheapest, easiest way to start saving energy right away.


Indoor LED Lighting 

As flexible as they are functional, LEDs cover a wide range of indoor applications in both the home and place of business. A highly directional light source, when used in conjunction with a quality fixture, LEDs can help cut down on wasted light and heat alike, saving you real money on your electric bill. 

  • Save electricity—and money—in your home or business .
  • Fine tune ambience with ease while enjoying a range of color choices, bright to warm .
  • Focus light where you need it with everything from reading lamps, track lights, and recessed down-lights to recessed fixtures, display cases, and more.
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Outdoor LED Lighting 

High-efficiency LEDs are an excellent option for all your outdoor lighting needs. In addition to saving both energy and money, when used with appropriate fixtures and automatic controls, their highly directional, uniform illumination can make your outdoor spaces safer and more secure, too. You’ll find them used everywhere from parking garages and streetlights to security floodlights and myriad decorative applications.   

  • Cut your utility bills significantly when you use high-efficiency LEDs outside .
  • Improve safety and security with automated, highly directional, dependable lighting .
  • Help minimize the harmful effects of light pollution .
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Energy Star

Let the ENERGY STAR® Guide You 

That blue star means you’re on the right path. When purchasing an LED, always look for the ENERGY STAR® logo—it guarantees quality, performance, and efficiency. Products without the blue star logo aren’t certified to meet the same high standards for brightness, color, efficiency, and longevity. Quality ENERGY STAR® LEDs are readily available at retailers throughout Wisconsin and are more affordable than ever. It’s a great time to upgrade.  

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LED Bulbs and Linear Tubes 

LEDs are compact, easy to maintain, and far more durable than antiquated incandescent and fluorescent. The latest in dimming controls and a wide range of color choices mean you can fine tune your lighting to suit any room or application. Add in considerable cost savings and you’re looking at a clear winner. What’s more, there’s little-to-no rewiring needed to upgrade. It’s easy to swap out any screw- or pin-based bulb or tube for a superior LED replacement.      

  • Trade fragile and finicky for durable, compact, and easy-to-handle.
  • Make fewer trips up the ladder for bulb changes—LEDs last up to 15 times longer than incandescent .
  • Upgrade from your old bulbs with little-to-no re-wiring required.
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