Earn higher incentives with Tier 2

Are you eligible for higher incentives?

You may be eligible for the larger income-qualified incentives for your energy efficiency home improvements, like heating and cooling equipment or insulation and air sealing. If your household income falls below the upper limits outlined here, we encourage you to follow the steps and become pre-approved for income-qualified incentives. 

2022 State Median Income Limits by Household Size

To determine if your income qualifies, find your gross annual or gross one-month income and household size in the chart below. For example: If you have four family members, find “4” in the Household Size row and then look at the income amount in the Income rows below. If your gross annual household income is less than $79,751 or gross one month income is less than $6,646, you may be eligible for income-qualified incentives. 

Household Size Annual Income 80% SMI 1 Month Income 80% SMI
1 $41,471 $3,456
2 $54,231 $4,519
3 $66,991 $5,583
4 $79,751 $6,646
5 $92,511 $7,709
6 $105,271 $8,773
7 $107,664 $8,972
8 $110,056 $9,171
9 $112,448 $9,371
10 $114,842 $9,570
11 $117,234 $9,769

Follow these steps to be approved for Tier 2 incentives:

  • Income Eligibility Screener [Online]
  • Income Eligibility Application [Online]
  • Download the Income Eligibility Application or call 855.339.8866.
  • Choose one of the following documentation options to verify your income: 
    • Direct – Verify your income by providing proof of existing eligibility for one of these approved resources.
    • Express – 2020 Tax form 1040 and Schedule 1 (if filed) for each member of the household who earns income.
    • Non-Express – Submit one month of income documentation (30-days prior to improvement installation or date of application submittal) for each member of the household who earns income. Please note, this is the most time-intensive route and will result in longer times to receive notification of your eligibility.
    • Refer to our Frequently Asked Questions or to the Income Eligibility Guidelines [PDF] for additional instruction and program terms.
  • Collect required documentation and submit your application. 
  • Receive approval notification and move forward with your projects.