Call for Partnerships (CFP)

Call for Partnerships (CFP) [PDF]

Focus on Energy (Focus) is soliciting feedback from public and private sector stakeholders regarding opportunities to enhance the impact of Focus’ portfolio of energy efficiency solutions, offerings and products. The objective of this Call for Partnerships (CFP) is to develop a Cold Climate Heat Pump (CCHP) Field Demonstration Project that would be informed by strategic partnerships with industry experts and provide primary energy consumption data from equipment installed in Wisconsin. Primarily, this CFP seeks input on how Focus might structure a Field Demonstration Project for CCHPs, including the design, scope of work, intended deliverables and required data collection to achieve the goals outlined in this CFP. 

Specifically, Focus seeks partnerships from CCHP manufacturers, supply channel stakeholders and trade organizations in the form of: 

  • CCHP products and training materials appropriate to the Wisconsin/Upper Midwest market
  • Technical support for product installation, metering and performance verification testing
  • Sharing data and findings from completed CCHP projects in Wisconsin/Upper Midwest
  • Contractor and consumer guidance on various heat pump source (air-, water-, ground-) and equipment (ducted, ductless mini-split, radiant floor) types
  • Direct field demonstration project financial, in-kind or other support
  • Post-demonstration technical and market assessment of CCHP potential within the Focus portfolio and customer segments
  • Participation in multi-stakeholder engagements seeking input to optimize Focus administration, implementation, evaluation, utility partnerships and customer value 

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Call for Partnerships (CFP) Issued    2/20/2020
(Optional) submit request to reply via phone    3/6/2020
Closing Date—submissions sent to    4/13/2020


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