Whole Home Improvements

Ready to insulate your home?

Discover your home’s hidden potential and learn how to improve comfort, lower your energy costs, and boost efficiency through insulation and air sealing. To achieve the greatest benefits, it’s best to look at your home as a system with many different parts all working together. The right mix of improvements can make a huge difference in how your home performs.

Understanding your assessment

A home energy assessment is performed by a trained and certified Trade Ally contractor who will also look at health and safety issues that you may not otherwise consider. Using special diagnostic tools, such as a blower door test, our Trade Ally contractors can measure the airtightness of your home and locate any leakage sites and other trouble areas.

Energy assessments typically range between $200-$400 dollars. Final scope and cost often depend upon the age, size, and condition of your home.

How do I get started?

Start with an assessment to get a clear road map of recommended improvements, cash incentives, and expert guidance to help you use energy smarter and save up to 20% on your utility bill. From there, you can determine which improvements to make, like adding insulation to your foundation, attic or walls.

Once you know where you need more insulation and air sealing, a Trade Ally contactor will install the insulation improvements. For available incentives, see the “Show Details” section below. Additional incentives are available for Tier 2 customers; see if you qualify below. Note: Insulation must be installed by a Trade Ally contractor to be eligible for incentives.

Get Started

  1. There are two customer incentive tiers: Tier 1 (standard) and Tier 2 (income-qualified). See if you qualify for Tier 2 incentives by clicking Show Details below and Tier 2 Eligibility.

  2. Contact one of our Trade Ally contractors and schedule your energy assessment. 

  3. Following the assessment, you will receive a customized energy report outlining the current condition of your home, recommendations for improvements and possible incentives. You decide which improvements to make in your home.

  4. Your Trade Ally contractor will work with you to receive your eligible incentives based on your overall energy reduction.

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Incentives effective January 1, 2018


Note: You must first complete an energy assessment to qualify for air sealing and insulation incentives

Tier 2 Eligibility

You may be eligible for larger Tier 2 incentives if your household income level is at or below the limits outlined in this table.

2019 State Median Income Limits by Household Size

Household Size Annual Income 80% SMI 3 Month Income 80% SMI
1 $36,640.00 $9,160.00
2 $47,913.33 $11,978.33
3 $59,188.00 $14,797.00
4 $70,461.33 $17,615.33
5 $81,734.67 $20,433.67
6 $93,009.33 $23,252.33
7 $95,122.67 $23,780.67
8 $97,236.00 $24,309.00
9 $99,349.83 $24,837.79
10 $101,464.49 $25,365.68
11 $103,578.12 $25,894.61