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Restaurant Owners: FOCUS ON ENERGY® can you help you improve the appeal of your restaurant with energy-efficient technologies to cut operating costs, incorporate sustainable restaurant practices and heighten the dining experience.

Focus on Energy can help you identify energy-saving opportunities to improve your customers’ dining experience in your restaurant. Upgrade your space with energy-efficient products, including LED downlights, ENERGY STAR® kitchen equipment and demand-controlled kitchen ventilation.

Typical Energy Usage in Food Service Facilities

Restaurant Energy Use Stats
Source: https://www.eia.gov/consumption/commercial/

Serve up energy savings!
Through Focus on Energy, you can earn incentives when you make energy-saving improvements to your restaurant. Not sure where to start? Complete this form and we will contact you!

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How do I get started?

  1. Work with a contractor or Energy Advisor to identify where saving opportunities exist for your business or discuss incentive opportunities for a project you've already identified.
    • You can use any local contractor or work with one of Focus on Energy's trusted Trade Ally partners.
    • Find your local Energy Advisor from Focus on Energy by visiting our online EA map, calling us at 888.623.2146 or emailing us at business@focusonenergy.com.
  2. Determine if your project qualifies for prescriptive or custom incentives.
    • Prescriptive incentives are set dollar amounts for more standard equipment replacements. You can find a complete list of our prescriptive incentive offerings by visiting our catalogs & applications page. Review the incentive catalogs for a full listing of incentives and equipment requirements. Pre-approval is not required unless otherwise stated in the catalog.
      1. Reservation codes are required on select measures. See catalog for full details.
    • Custom incentives are for more unique equipment replacements, like when equipment is being added or even eliminated. Custom incentives vary based on the estimated energy savings, and pre-approval is required prior to equipment being purchased, ordered or installed. Work with an Energy Advisor to determine available incentives for your project.
  3. Install your equipment and submit your incentive application within 60 days of installation.
  4. Receive your incentive and start saving!