2018 School Benchmarking Study

Thank you for participating in Focus on Energy’s School Benchmarking Study. Final results are now available. Find out how participating public schools saved energy to reinvest $40 million in Wisconsin’s educational system annually.

Start measuring your district for success

Improve your district's energy efficiency in 2018 by participating in Focus on Energy's School Benchmarking Study. Benchmarking your school district will not only help to ensure your buildings are  performing efficiently, but you can also effectively track and manage your energy use. 

Districts who enroll will receive:

  • ENERGY STAR score
  • Peer comparison score comparing to other districts in the state
  • B3 score utilizing an engineering model with DOE-2 simulations and B3 energy standards to compare a building's actual use to the expected use

The benchmarking process will be conducted with B3 benchmarking software. Using basic building and meter information, this online tool will provide a comprehensive analysis of your building’s energy performance including energy consumption, carbon emissions and costs in easy to understand reports.

Interested in participating?

  1. Gather the following data:

    • Utility account and meter numbers
    • Building square footage
    • Age of the building
    • General building details
  2. Complete the online 2018 School Benchmarking Study. Each district's information must be submitted by October 15, 2018, in order to receive a score. 

  3. Collaborate with your Energy Advisor to prioritize the next steps in your energy savings plan.