Baker Manufacturing

Evansville, WI
Evansville Water & Light and WE Energies

Staying ahead of the game, Baker Manufacturing, Evansville, WI recently invested in new melting technology that will better manage the melting process and reduce energy usage at the facility. The new equipment, assisted by an incentive of $156,029.24 from Focus on Energy, will save an estimated 35,075,000 kWh over its lifetime – enough to power almost 200 homes for 15 years. Baker Manufacturing will save over $300,000, annually, in energy costs on this upgrade.

“Baker’s successful implementation of this project has positioned our foundry’s future competitive edge, and in turn, our casting division customer base, by improving our overall operating cost structure.  Our domestic manufacturing industries need partnerships today to be competitive – this project is an excellent example of such a partnership,”  saysTerri Roessler, Chief Financial Officer, Baker Manufacturing, LLC

Baker Manufacturing Company LLC, founded in 1873, is located in Evansville, Wisconsin, and employs 200 people across three product divisions including castings, water systems (residential, industrial, and environmental) and fluid pumps.  Our casting division serves global customers in the power generation, construction, defense, and agricultural markets.

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