Bay Shipbuilding Co.

Sturgeon Bay, WI
Sturgeon Bay Utilities/WPPI

Sturgeon Bay, WI

Incentive: $104,062

Utility: Sturgeon Bay Utilities/WPPI

Program: Large Energy Users

Bay Shipbuilding Co. recently received a combined incentive of $104,062 from Sturgeon Bay Utilities (SBU), power supplier WPPI Energy, and the statewide Focus on Energy program.  Energy efficiency experts from WPPI Energy and Focus on Energy worked closely with Cheryl Arnott, facilities engineer at Bay Shipbuilding Corp., to identify energy-saving projects for the shipyard.

Bay Shipbuilding Co. replaced metal halide light fixtures with new light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures. The LED lights use 50% less electricity and are designed to last 100,000 hours. The LED high-bay fixtures will improve light levels, reduce maintenance costs, and save the company $2,900 annually in electrical utility costs.

To meet the growing demand of compressed air in the shipyard, the facility added a 200-HP variable speed drive compressor with a 2,200-gallon air receiver and dew point controls. The blast and prime line received an upgrade by replacing high-pressure air knives with nozzles using low-pressure blowers. The new system improves the process efficiency and reduces energy demand at the same time.  As a result of the projects, Bay Shipbuilding will save approximately $65,882 on electricity costs and 795,000 kilowatt-hours annually.

“Sturgeon Bay Utilities promotes the efficient use of energy by encouraging customers to take advantage of a variety of programs," said Melissa Moren, Energy Services Representative with WPPI Energy. "Not only do these projects save customers money, they also reduce demand on the system, displacing the need for additional power generation.”

WPPI Energy awarded $61,822 to Bay Shipbuilding through the Request for Proposals (RFP) for Energy Efficiency Program. The competitive program funds new energy-saving or demand-reducing measures that will result in lasting savings. Focus on Energy awarded $40,620 toward Bay Ship’s efficiency projects through the Large Energy Users Program.  SBU contributed $1,620 toward the LED lighting project. In 2014, SBU helped customers reduce energy usage by 2,203 megawatt-hours, saving them a total of $215,949 in energy costs. SBU, along with WPPI Energy and Focus on Energy, offers many additional programs and services, including financial incentives, to help customers make efficiency improvements.

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