Clintonville Public School District

Clintonville, WI
Clintonville Utilities

Clintonville High School, located in Waupaca County, received a $41,587 incentive check from Focus on Energy and Clintonville Utilities after working with BNH, LLC to relamp the interior and exterior sections of their building with energy efficient light-emitting diode (LED) lighting fixtures, install occupancy sensors, and upgrade to day-lighting controls. This project is one of many the District has completed with the help of Focus on Energy. Over the past seven years, the District has upgraded a variety of lighting, heating and cooling equipment, and kitchen equipment in their other educational buildings. 

“With the High School building being 15 years old now, we were experiencing a great deal of failing ballasts and bulbs. Our District will not only receive a costs savings by converting to LEDs, but we’ll also save on maintenance costs,” said Steve Reinke, Director of Building and Grounds. “I’ve already started to receive positive feedback from staff reporting that the new lighting has helped to reduce issues with our students’ vision and migraines, and overall contribute to an improved learning environment.”

By completing this project, Clintonville Public School District will save nearly 500,000 kilowatt hours of electricity. This is enough electrical energy to power 55 Wisconsin homes for an entire year. It is estimated the project will save the District more than $54,000 on their energy bills each year. 

“Clintonville Public School District has made definite improvements on their journey in becoming more energy efficient,” said Nicole Zaidel, Energy Advisor for Focus on Energy’s Agriculture, Schools and Government Program. “Since they continue to make energy efficiency a priority, it has allowed them to realize greater savings early in the life of these updated systems.”


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