Flambeau River Papers

Over $175,000
Park Falls, WI
Xcel Energy

With the help of Focus on Energy, Wisconsin utilities’ statewide program for energy efficiency and renewable energy, and in partnership with Xcel Energy, Flambeau River Papers (FRP) has implemented several energy efficiency projects that will save a total of $383,155 annually.

Working with Focus on Energy, FRP identified a number of high impact energy efficiency projects. The projects had fast economic returns, but the capital required to begin the projects was going to stall the implementation. Focus on Energy was able to structure a loan that provided no out of pocket costs, and allowed FRP to be cash flow positive from day one. Focus on Energy also helped identify the energy saving opportunities, scope project requirements, and calculate energy savings and paybacks. These projects included installation of a steam seal vent condenser on their turbine generator and a boiler deaerator vent condenser; optimized pumping of condensate from a vacuum receiver back to the boiler; rebuilt two thermocompressors; and installation of a variable frequency drive on a paper machine dry end pulper. “We wouldn’t have implemented these projects without the technical and financial support of the Focus on Energy Program“, said Randy Stoeckel, President of Flambeau River Papers.

The success of the first phase of projects prompted FRP to finance several other projects that are under currently construction and targeted for completion in fall of 2014. These new projects will reduce steam load and install several additional variable frequency drives and save an additional estimated 1,750,000 kWh and 78,500 therms for an annual cost reduction of $140,000. “Without the support of the Focus on Energy program, our mill would be less competitive, less green and less energy efficient and we may not be in business today”, said William (Butch) Johnson, CEO, and owner of the mill.

When all of the projects are completed, FRP is expected to annually save a total of 2,017,000 kWh and 812,267 therms – enough to power 850 homes for one year and save the mill $523,155 in annual energy costs.

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