Prairie Farm School District

Prairie Farm, WI
Xcel Energy

Prairie Farm School District's participation in Focus on Energy will save them an estimated 100,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually and reduce the demand on the power grid during the peak summer months. The upgrades will reduce the school district’s energy bills by approximately $7,000 each year. The Prairie Farm School District took advantage of incentives through Focus on Energy’s Lighting programs, as well as cost savings of the new Exterior Lighting Optimization program, where Focus on Energy covers the labor costs of the participating trade ally for installation of cost-effective exterior lighting.

Bob Schultz, Xcel Energy community service manager, thanked Superintendent Olson and the school board for their commitment to energy efficiency. “The Prairie Farm School District is setting a great example for its students and the community by taking the initiative to learn about energy conservation and then to implement cost-saving improvements to its facility,” Schultz said. “These energy-saving measures not only reduce costs for the school district, but they will also have long-term environmental benefits by reducing power plant emissions.”

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