River Falls’ Eco Village

River Falls, WI
River Falls Municipal Utilities

Focus on Energy announced the locations of the most efficient new homes built in 2013 and six of the top ten are located in the Eco Village development in River Falls, Wisconsin.

Eco Village homes are built beyond typical code standards, utilizing the strict energy efficiency standards that are part of Focus on Energy’s New Homes program.

The most efficient home in the Eco Village has been independently tested to be 105.6 percent more efficient than a home built to the state’s Uniform Dwelling Code. “It isn’t every day that you see a house tested to be more than 100 percent efficient than a home built to standard code. The passion from the entire Eco Village team demonstrates the possibilities in the energy efficiency industry. We are proud to partner with this group and hope to see them on top in 2014!” says Andy Kuc, Focus on Energy’s New Homes Program manager.

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