Saving Thousands of Wisconsinites Money – On Site Performance Testing

Home Performance with Energy Star

Chippewa Falls, WI

Xcel Energy

David Geissler is passionate about energy efficiency. He was always interested in figuring out how to stop energy waste, he trained with Focus on Energy so he could begin helping neighbors and friends in the Northwoods become energy efficient. In 2005, Geissler started On Site Performance Testing in Chippewa Falls and has grown into a family business.

A family business that helps so many homeowner’s each year, the energy savings average 56,567 MMbtu of energy – that would power 500 Wisconsin homes for a year!

“Blower tests, infrared scanning, combustion safety checks, check the furnace and water heater if necessary, check all the fans, and when we leave, you have an abundance of information,” Geissler said when receiving his much-deserved Energy Efficiency Excellence Award. “This wouldn’t happen without everybody. This is a team effort.”

Energy savings education is central to the work The Geisslers perform. On Site Performance Testing is not only a Focus on Energy trade ally, but also a Green Built Home Verifier and a BPI Certified Professional. Utilizing the Home Performance with Energy Star Program, Focus on Energy, and local utilities, On Site Performance Testing travels the state, not just the Chippewa Falls area, conducting home energy audits, resolving ice damming, as well as mold and moisture issues.

“We appreciate how much On Site Performance Testing is willing to educate us as well,” Xcel Energy’s Lori Drilling said. “Any time we have a new employee in the area, David is willing to take them out on a home visit and show them what he does.”

On Site Performance Testing has completed 3,420 projects or assessments and earned the Century Club Award from the National Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program for eight consecutive years.

In addition to their continued commitment to Home Performance, On Site Performance Testing has also certified 580 homes for Focus on Energy's New Homes Certification.

Congratulations On Site Performance Testing for your Energy Efficiency Excellence Award and for extending the reach of Focus on Energy through Wisconsin!

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