Triple T Farms LLC

Eau Claire, WI
Xcel Energy

The Agriculture, Schools & Government Program received a call from Tony Bowe at Triple T Farms LLC in the spring of 2015. Bowe was in the process of completing a barn renovation project and wanted to know if he would be eligible for any Focus on Energy incentives. 

An Energy Advisor met with Bowe and toured his facilities, including the newly renovated free stall barn. His contractors were still finishing up several projects including a new manure pump and sand separator system. Bowe installed LED lights in his barn, which qualified for Focus on Energy incentives.

Bowe says he plans to reinvest the incentive money he receives from Focus on Energy and his utility’s matching bonus (Xcel Energy) back into more energy saving projects on his dairy farm.  In the past, the farm also made other energy efficiency upgrades; including, a plate cooler, heat recovery units, new scroll compressors, and a VFD on a vacuum pump.  In the future, Triple T plans to make more upgrades and work with Focus on Energy’s Energy Advisors to make those improvements.

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