West Salem Highway Dept.

West Salem, WI
Xcel Energy

Jim Olson with E3 Coalition registered to become an Exterior Lighting Optimization (ELO) Trade Ally. E3 Coalition has deep involvement with the Focus on Energy Small Business Program and the Business Incentive Program. This past summer, he worked with La Crosse County at their West Salem Highway Department building to update their interior and exterior lighting.

The project at West Salem’s Highway Department was one of E3 Coalitions first ELO projects, and it went flawlessly. The update was exciting, especially due to the fact that the project had a mix of measures beyond the ELO offerings.  The complete project included ELO fixtures replacing three 40-watt HID, 20 250-watt HID, and five 150-175-watt HID. It also involved replacing eight 400-watt high bay fixtures with light-emitting diode (LED), as well as a variety of lamps, floods, and occupancy sensors.

Through participation in the ELO offering with Focus on Energy, the customer was only responsible for paying the copay, with no labor costs, on their exterior parking lot fixtures with mounting height of 15 feet or greater. In total, the West Salem Highway Department collected a $3,675 incentive.

E3 Coalition and La Crosse County, through their participation with Focus on Energy were able to install quality products. The products require minimal maintenance and maximize savings on their utility bill.

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