Save on average 15% in energy costs and tap into up to $200,000 in financial incentives.

The Retrocommissioning (RCx) Program drives deep, lasting energy savings for owners and managers of existing buildings by taking a holistic approach to energy efficiency. The program targets building systems, energy-using equipment, and operating schedules, optimizing how these elements perform together.

The RCx Program is designed for a variety of facilities including, but not limited to:

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • School
  • Government

The program seeks out building owners and managers of existing buildings who are motivated to implement efficiency projects, optimize existing equipment and controls, and train staff.

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  1. Contact an approved RCx Service Provider (RSP) Trade Ally to request an Opportunity Assessment. Through the Opportunity Assessment, your RSP will be able to determine if your building is a good candidate for an RCx project (download fact sheet).

  2. Your RSP will assist you in completing and submitting the RCx Enrollment Application and Opportunity Assessment to Focus on Energy.

  3. Once approved, schedule a comprehensive RCx Audit to be completed by your RSP. The audit will identify the most cost-effective energy saving measures for your building and will provide you with a report that includes recommendations for implementing energy efficiency projects. Measures that are not considered RCx will be referred to the appropriate incentive program(s).

  4. An Incentive Agreement is generated based on estimated savings that can result from your project. You will have 30 days to commit to the Incentive Agreement. The first incentive payment will be processed at this time.

  5. Complete at least one agreed upon measure within six months of Incentive Agreement approval date with intent on completing all agreed measures within one year.

  6. Once measures are installed, the RSP will verify measure implementation. At that point, your agreed-upon RCx Verified Measure Implementation Incentive will be processed for payment.

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Additional Information

Incentive Structure

Incentives for the implementation of qualified energy-saving measures follow a simple dollar per kWh or Therm installed methodology based on verified energy savings.

Complete Audit $0.04/est. kWh 
$0.40/est. Therm
First Incentive Payment  75% of audit cost
Implement Measures $0.04/verified kWh 
$0.40/verified Therm
Second Incentive Payment All incentives are not to exceed 100% of all RCx costs
Total Incentive $0.08/kWh

Maximum incentive is $200,000 per site per calendar year, and $400,000 per customer per calendar year combined for all incentives.