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Residential offerings are for buildings that have three or less residential units.

Heating & Cooling Rebate Application*
2024 Heating & Cooling Rebate Application [Online]

2024 Insulation & Air Sealing Rebate Application*

2024 Insulation & Air Sealing Trade Ally Application [PDF]

*This application must be on file with us before completing any insulation and air sealing rebate.

2024 Smart Thermostat Rebate Application [Online]
2024 Income Eligibility Application [Online]
New Home Certification Offering
PDF: New Homes Offering Guide
PDF: Builder Benefits and Participation Overview
PDF: Cold Climate Heat Pump Overview
PDF: Heat Pump Water Heater Overview
PDF: Geothermal Overview
PDF: Solar Ready Overview
PDF: Homebuyer Overview

*See the sections below for supporting documents

Residential Rebates Resource Documents

Heating and Cooling

PDF: Pre-Qualified 95%+ AFUE Natural Gas Furnaces

PDF: Pre-Qualified 90%+ AFUE Natural Gas Boilers

PDF: Pre-Qualified 90%+ AFUE Natural Gas Combination Boilers
Combination Natural Gas Boiler with Integrated Domestic Hot Water and Outdoor Reset Control, 90%+ AFUE

PDF: Pre-Qualified Smart Thermostat

PDF: Pre-Qualified - Replacement ECM

Search: Single Package Vertical Unit Directory

Search: Package Terminal Heat Pump Directory

PDF: Geothermal Heat Pump Qualified Equipment List
Geothermal Heat Pump System with Auxiliary Electric Resistance/LP or Auxiliary Natural Gas

Search: Air Source Heat Pump Directory
"Heat Pumps" or "Variable-Speed Mini-Split and Multi-Split Heat Pumps"
Ducted (15.2 SEER2 / 10.0 EER2 / 8.1 HSPF2)
Ductless (16.0 SEER2 / 9.0 EER2 / 9.5 HSPF2)
Cold Climate (as above with COP of 1.75 at 5 degrees)

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